How To Prepare For A Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is an adventure for all to enjoy, even if it is your first personal hypnosis session. However, proper preparation is vital for ensuring the success of your Past Life Regression and ensure that you get the most out of the experience.

Hypnotic Regression Experience

Individuals that are already familiar with trance trend usually enter into a state of hypnosis much faster and with greater depth than people who are experiencing this altered state of consciousness for the very first time. It is important for all individuals planning to get a Past Life Regression to experience and get comfortable with hypnosis before the start of the session.

Individuals with prior altered state experience might enter into a hypnotic state quicker, but it does not mean that previous experience is needed to have an enjoyable experience. However, you may wish to play or practice with achieving different states of consciousness before the session. Any method that can calm the self and stimulate your imagination is an excellent preparation for Past Life Regression.

Activities such as guided imagery, visualization, meditation, pure contemplation, and self-hypnosis, are all fun and easy ways to prepare for the session. You can find numerous examples and guides in various resources including audio CDs, books, or even online.


You will appreciate being relaxed and calm both before and after the experience especially if you are new. Choose Past Life Regression QHHT ( if you are looking for a therapist with lots of experience. It is important to realize that sessions can drain you emotionally, mentally, and physically, which means that you should clear your schedule for the rest of the day. Doing this will give you some time to reflect on the session along with any lessons learned or information gained.

If you have to travel to the Past Life Regression appointment, you should consider booking accommodation close to the session. Doing this will help you relax and enjoy your session.

Physical Preparation

Eat a moderate meal before your session so that your appetite is satisfied for a while.

Wear simple, casual, and most importantly comfortable clothing.

Avoid using substances such as marijuana, alcohol, or excessive quantities of caffeine before the session since they may cause problems during extended periods in a trance. However, taking a cup of tea of coffee is normal.

Mental Preparation

If you would like to explore specific issues during the regression session, it is important to write down your ideas and then bring them with you to the session so that you can discuss them with regression therapist before the commencement of the session.

It is equally important to get rid of any expectations and preconceptions. You should only come to the session with an open heart and an open mind as well as a sense of trust.

What Should You Bring to the Session?

You should bring with you a brief list of questions that you may have regarding yourself, your relationships, your life path, etc. Receiving direct spiritual guidance during the regression sessions is possible. You should keep the list quite short (5 to 10 questions) so that you can focus and figure out the most important thing to you at this point in your life.

Comfort Items

Past Life Regression sessions are in-depth and quite lengthy, typically running several hours. It is due to this reason that you are advised to bring with you whatever you require making yourself comfortable for an extended period, such as a blanket, teddy bear, snacks, water, pillow, etc. However, most facilities do offer pillows, water, and blankets for your use, which means that you might not have to bring your own.

A List of Cast of Characters

It consists of the first names of individuals that have impacted your life significantly. A ‘Cast of Characters’ list typically includes names of best friends, relatives, teachers, antagonists, etc. It should be a condensed list that includes only the most significant individuals and should not exceed ten names. It is also prudent to add several words describing the person’s personality and how he or she impacted your life.

Session Recording

While you will have a clear recall of what happened during the session, it is always good to have a recorded version of the same that you can keep for posterity as well as for reminding you of all the details that you might have forgotten.

Post Session

Once the session is complete, you should be gentle with yourself. You should go home or to your hotel room and relax. Avoid overthinking. You will have all the time later to analyze and ponder. Take plenty of water since hypnosis sessions can be quite dehydrating. You should also eat something solid to help ground yourself. The night of your course, you will sleep beautifully and deeply.

The Bottom Line

Past Life Regression, as with any new experience, gets easier the more times you do it. If it is your first time embarking on a Past Life Regression, you should be kind to yourself and ensure that you have done all the necessary preparations as described in this article such as practicing going into a meditative state, doing some visualization, etc.

The journey that you are about to embark upon can be quite a profound and rewarding.

Past Life Regression Techniques

It’s entirely possible that something as-yet undiscovered about quantum physics will reveal that reincarnation is real and that we have links to our ancestors beyond those of blood. If you’d like to know if you have lived a past life, then regression techniques could answer some questions for you. To date, we aren’t sure whether past life regression techniques are revealing real past lives or just some details that our unconscious mind picked up at some point in this life – but they certainly help us to understand who we are a little better, and even that is valuable.

There are some past life regression techniques that you can do at home and some that require the help of a hypnotist. At-home regression is quite simple, and it’s worth trying before you take the next step and work with an expert. Everyone, in theory, can access their own past life and it’s quite straightforward and safe to do. All you need is some time and a quiet, comfortable place to focus.

It can take practice to access your past life. Most people find that they will need to work on relaxation and meditation for a month or so, spending a few minutes each day, before they can unlock their memories. Be patient, and work on it a little every day, accepting that it could b a slow process. Before you can let your locked-away memories float to the surface, you will need to learn to unlock your mind, and it takes time and patience to do that.

Set aside about 45 minutes per day – perhaps in the evening before you go to bed – or maybe when you’ve just woken up and are mentally fresh. Find a place that is quiet where you won’t be disturbed, and where you can either lie down or sit comfortably. Loosen off any restrictive clothing so that you can breathe freely, and make sure that you’re not too warm or too cold. The objective is to open your mind and to think, reflectively, but not to relax to the point that you fall asleep.

When you start the regression exercise, you need to have an objective in mind. You could be asking what you need to see the most, or for an explanation of why you are here in this life. Try to ask the same question each time, or until you find a clearer question for yourself.

Remember that you are in complete control of what happens in your mind. Move forward when you feel ready to go through the gateway to see your past life. If decide not to do that, then just stay there – you can always come back during another regression. Don’t put pressure on yourself. Go as far as you feel comfortable with each time until you are ready to take the next step.

When you go through the door, remind yourself that you are safe and protected, you are in control, and you are just watching the memories. The memories cannot affect you. Your past life memories could be pleasant, or they could be something about some unfinished business in your past life, that will give you clues to what you need to resolve in this life.

When you go through the door, and you’re ready, ask yourself whatever question you prepared later. Watch the memories until you feel ready to leave, then turn around and go back through the gateway, and come back up the stairs. The first few times you enter into your past life, you will not want to spend more than 20 or 30 minutes there at most because it can be quite tiring. It’s okay to feel a little groggy at first when you stop using the past life regression techniques because it’s a little like dreaming and it takes time to wake back up.

Consider asking for pleasant memories the first few times you use past life regression techniques, but remember that there could be sad things too, and sometimes there is value to seeing them so you can understand what your likes and dislikes are in this life, and why you may have certain fears. It could be that learning those sad things will help you to understand your concerns and that it will show you what you need to overcome in this life. It’s your journey, though, and only you can decide what you need to see and when to uncover different types of details about your past life. To find out more about this process feel free to visit


Are Past Lives Based in Reality?

The idea of past lives is a romantic one, but is there any truth to it? A lot of children make claims of alternate realities, or that they “used to be another person.” Are those claims grounded in reality? Does reincarnation happen? Or is there a more mundane reason that surfaces during a past life reading while under hypnosis. ?

For some kids, the idea of a past life can be rather traumatic. They have fragments of memories, but they can’t quite piece the memories together, and they feel like important details from their lives are missing. Some kids can recall astounding amounts of detail – people, places, faces and even dates, which in theory could back up their claims of having lived a past life. Sceptics, however, believe that they read those details somewhere, or saw them on TV, even if they don’t remember doing so.

One professor of psychiatry, Jim B. Tucker, has investigated more than 2,500 claims of young children who believe that they experienced a past life. The majority of those claims came from kids that between two and six years old, and more than half of the children claiming past life memories were boys.

In some cases, it’s easy to dismiss claims of a past life, because the child’s statements are relatively vague and innocent, and the family is apparently missing a recently deceased loved one. This kind of projection could make a child want to fill the void. There are other cases, however, that is far more interesting, where the child remembers someone unknown to the family, and that person was not famous.

There are some common threads among past life claims. Often, the deceased individual was a man who suffered a violent death. Indeed, around 70 percent of the past life claims relate to a violent death, and 70 percent of those cases were male – similar to the statistics in the general population. Around 90 percent of the kids who say they have memories of a past life report that they were the same sex in that past life as they are in their current one.

Is it possible that those past life claims are real? The evidence suggests that they could well be. Sometimes, the simplest explanation is indeed the most reasonable one, and it’s possible, given recent discoveries in quantum mechanics, that reincarnation could be a real thing. While there isn’t a consensus in science right now, there is some physicist who believes that past lives are possible.

The late Professor Ian Stevenson, a prominent psychiatrist at the University of Virginia, wrote a book about past lives and reincarnation. He died in 2007 but spent decades working on the idea that reincarnation and the afterlife could be real – that there’s something unexplained that is contributing to the memories of those children.

One of the most unusual cases that Stevenson investigated was that of a toddler in Sri Lanka, who overheard her mother talking about an obscure town that the girl had never visited. The girl indicated that she had drowned there when her brother pushed her into the river. The girl was able to give details about where she lived ( a house with a skylight, dogs in the back yard, and a temple nearby. She talked about people smashing coconuts on the ground near the temple, and said that her father, Herath, was a bald man who sold flowers on the market. Stevenson looked into the details of the story and found that out of 30 features provided by the girl, 27 of them were verifiable and correct.

When stories like these surface, it’s hard to dismiss them. There are some definite attention seekers or people who perhaps need psychiatric help – that dress up in strange outfits and claim to be famous historical figures. Little girls in the pre-internet era making claims to modest lifestyles are a different matter, though, and are harder to explain away.

While the stories are fascinating, few want even to discuss them. Stevenson published a book titled Reincarnation and Biology I 1997. The book was 2,268 pages long, and it looked at hundreds of case reports relating to past lives, as well as cases of birth defects, birthmarks, and strangely located moles – with cases including children who claimed that they had similar deformities in their past lives. When those requests were followed up, they were found to be true.

Stevenson found that these stories of past lives surface when something triggers the memory. There’s no use trying to interview children who aren’t reporting memories of past lives. It takes something triggering the memory – usually a strong emotion. Strangely enough, there appears to be some commonality in the distance, with the past life usually being in a distant village, but not a foreign country.

Past lives are something that plays a major role in a lot of religions, but the idea of karma is not something that Stevenson or his more recent contemporaries have encountered in their research. The idea that reincarnation happens has some statistical significance to it, but reincarnation appears to be an issue of physics, rather than good deeds or evil deeds. We are not, as romantic as the idea may be, living out our lives to finish unfinished business. Rather, our minds are just continuing since they are essentially little more than electrical current. That’s one theory anyway – and at the moment theories are all that we have. It will be interesting to see what Jim Tucker and his colleagues discover as they continue with the research that Stevenson started, and open the minds of even more people to the possibility that past lives and reincarnation are real things, and that young people do have those memories inside them.

Tips for Finding A Past Life

Discovering about a past life can be fun, and the good thing is that you don’t need to invest a great deal of time and money on hypnotherapists. Reincarnation is not a new concept, the belief that we have lived past lives dates back centuries and even thousands of years across different cultures. Hinduism and Buddhism are the most common religions that believe in it to certain degrees. Many western cultures have been able to see the reasoning behind reincarnation and have accepted it. Once people know they have lived in the past, the next step is wanting to know how they can recall their past lives. There are many ways you can use to remember some past incarnations. What works for another person might not necessarily work for you, making it necessary to try out the different methods.

Start by preparing the room. The temperature should not be too warm or too chilly. Turn off the TV or radio, draw the curtains and switch off the phone. If you have a sound generator, turn it loud enough to mask outside noise. You can use white or brown noise. White noise sounds like a TV that has not been tuned to a channel while brown noise sounds like ocean waves in the distance.

Relax the mind and try to find a place of calm. The room you use should be darkened and away from your friends and loved ones. It is a good idea to choose a time when your body and mind are calm. You will have a hard time focusing if you are feeling hungry, distracted or have a song stuck in your head. Relax for a couple of minutes to prepare for the journey.

Close your eyes and get comfortable. Your hands should be at the sides then bathe yourself with protective lighting. Picture a white enveloping light around you. The light is shining on your legs, feet, knees, thighs, arms, torso, neck, head, and face. The light protects you from any negative influence. It is a representation of warmth and love and enlightenment all around your body and protects you from anything bad.

You should try seeing it in your mind. Feel the heat while inviting it to wash over you. Either in word or intent, repeat these to yourself, “I am breathing in strong protective energy. This energy is building a protection around me and protects me in every way at all times”. Say these words five times for five inhales. When you are done doing this, start concentrating on visualization and feeling the energy, this will make it stronger and brighter. Take whichever color comes to your mind, and do it over and over again until you are ready to advance further.

You will then move to the next step of beginning your journey. Start by imagining that you are in a long hallway that has a large door at the end. See the entrance in a detailed way, whatever comes to your mind. You can visualize it being gold and filigree, or any that comes into your mind. Do not force anything, let it come naturally. The hallway you construct will be the one you will be using each time you are seeking out your past life. The expectation is that once you reach the end, you will discover a past life.

Take every step with a purpose as you go down the hallway. See the feet touching the ground, visualizing every step of the journey as you get close to the door – smell of the room, the color of the light, the sounds, etc. When you reach the door and feel that you are ready, go for the doorknob. Picture yourself doing it, feeling the texture of the knob, and the sound produced when turning it. When disengaged, take a deep breath and give the door a gentle push.

Accept the first thing you see when you open the door as being something from your past life. It can sometimes be something abstract, such as color or even a child nestled in your arms. Take this as the foundation and start building upon it. Feel it. Accept what comes to your mind. You may realize that the yellow color you first saw is a carpet and going deeper into the vision, you may discover that the color is sunshine illuminating the carpet. You will tend to doubt what you are seeing or thinking, but don’t worry because these are some of the things you remember from your past life.

Patience will become your best friend in this journey. If you are not able to see anything, try thinking about things you have always enjoyed, a travel destination, hobby, or skill. You can ask yourself why you like it, and if it may be related to your past life. If you do this and not getting anything, try out the shoe method; take a look down your feet and go with the first pair of shoes you are wearing and start working from there. Always begin a session by building on something that you had already seen. Start from the known then work your way towards the unknown. The process will help you discover your true self in a parallel fashion to the techniques in this article:

You need to accept what you see. You may sometimes realize you are inventing these images, and sometimes you are. You should accept it as being part and parcel of the process of trying to remember your past life. The visions have some truth at the core. You will start to notice patterned and some details repeating over and over again. You need to believe what you are seeing as being genuine; or else you will not be able to get anywhere. The brain will jump into shooting any imagination coming up and makes it harder.

You will start to run out of steam; these images will stop coming. This might be a result of the mind getting triggered by something you have seen. When you reach this point, you have no other option than opening your eyes. If this does not happen and you want to go back to your current life, imagine the doorway again. Open it and walk down the length of the hallway. Tell yourself that you will feel refreshed once you reach the starting point remembering all the details of your past life.

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